30 January 2011


This one is a total crusher put together for the current OCCULT BLOOD/IVENS US Tour. The A side, a collaborative track from both outfits, is a dark and devastating noise/hip hop hybrid that I could never imagine being half as good as it actually is - this is a brilliantly conceived and perfectly joint effort. On the flip, noise tracks from UN a.k.a. TURDS OF PREY, LLOYD HONEYBROOK, and Terminal Escape regulars OCCULT BLOOD. This tape is short, to the point, and awesome. 

Oakland, go see them tonight at Haz Mat. East Coast, tour starts tomorrow. Live, these acts are a total assault, numbingly loud and constantly on edge. Treat yourself, you've earned it.

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Anonymous said...

uuuum,yah, i'm pretty slow, but today i realized occult blood RULZ!!! if ya gots christopher reeves or anythin' else pleez post!!!