21 January 2011


BCT devoted a thousands of plastic cassette shells to the task of spreading Italian hardcore around the world, and I think that this is the finest of all of the comps that they put out. There are piercing high end guitar assaults right next to perfectly crafted full-fi hardcore acts, and every band included is fukkn great.  This tape was a straight repress of an Italian cassette comp of the same name, though the BCT version featured different artwork. Neither version, of course, features liner notes laid out in a manner that can definitively tell the uninitiated listener which band is which, and I'm afraid that I am not going to be able to help you in that department. Sure, some of this shit is a no brainer, but I know so little about bands like PUTRID FEVER and S.D.P. that in the interest of not making a fool of myself by mislabeling shit, I didn't name any of this shit. I put each of the like sounding bands onto their own track, so several tracks contain 3-4 songs. If this is confusing - don't blame me, blame the Italians and the BCT dude. The insert in all of it's non-informative glory is scanned below, and between that and a quick google search (or bing it, I'm not particular) you have all of the information that I have, and you are welcome to re-name my moniker-free tracks as you wish. What it really came down to was that no matter who some of these bands are, the shit completely rules....like really hard, especially towards the end when things start mellowing out a bit after you've been raging for a full 45 minutes. Some days it's better to share than to inform, and today is one of those days.


matt said...

yeah, what a fucking great comp! there's a vinyl reissue co released by 4 labels (BCT, Ponk-111, Schizophrenic, and Enterruption) that's a little more informative-with writings from the labels involved, lyrics, photos etc...i don't think it's too hard to track down. It also has rad Winston Smith cover art.
fuck...CCM gives me goosebumps sometimes

Anonymous said...

01. CCM - Commandos
02. CCM - Terminal Fun
03. CCM - Mad Race
04. SDP - La croce
05. SDP - Paura
06. Wardogs - The State of Thinking
07. Wardogs - Fried Brains
08. I Refuse It - Agguato
09. I Refuse It - Noi vi odiamo
10. I Refuse It - Frecce a velenate sul comitato disastri
11. Traumatic - Time Is Gone
12. Traumatic - Cold City
13. Traumatic - Last Kids From Nowhere
14. Juggernaut - Jugernaut
15. Juggernaut - Conv. Act
16. Juggernaut - Tomorrow
17. Juggernaut - Ulster 77
18. Juggernaut - The Inquisitor
19. Traumatic - I Don't Mind
20. Useless Boys - Get It High
21. Useless Boys - Suns Seas Wind
22. Juggernaut - Land Speed
23. Putrid Fever - Aikido
24. Putrid Fever - Never Again
25. Wardogs - War Dogs
26. Wardogs - Red-Hot Phones
27. SDP - Uccidi tuo fratello
28. SDP - Il cantico delle creature

Anonymous said...

hmm, i got 32 tracks on my tape

the wizard said...

exactly....the tracks on the tape just don't seem to line up with either the insert or any available track listings I've found online - including the one posted above. no bother though, when the shit is this good.

Gatewood said...

My coffee's too weak and it's -5 degrees outside, but now I have this to rage along with and everything looks shiny. Thanks.


nice hear some other band's from ITALY that don't sound like wretched or crippled bastard can't stand those band's early ccm is way better than there speedcore crap.