27 January 2011


On their full length releases, Tokyo's ASSAULT formed a perfect bridge between traditional Japanese hardcore and the more melodic guitars that came out of '90s emo and joined forces with Swedish crust to infiltrate the American scene. The two ASSAULT long players are relentless and essential slabs, and this demo is an introduction to the brilliance that would follow. Four galloping burners, with guitar solos where appropriate and the kind of shouted vocals that only seem to come from Japan. If you saw them on their 2002 US tour with D.S.B. and FROM ASHES RISE then you know this is awesome (I'll have to take your word for it, as I managed to miss them entirely), but whether you saw them or not, you need these tunes in your life. Member(s) still continue in the band ALLIANCE.


mokey said...

saw them on that tour in columbus, oh. we made them keep doing encores until they physically could not play anymore. still sticks out as one of the best shows i've ever seen

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this. i've been begging osamu and satoru for a cdr of this for ages. i'm stoked to finally hear these songs.
-alex warhead

Z said...

Such an amazing band. I feel they are definitely underrated. Fans of melodic trad.japanese hardcore (i.e. crude) should be shitting themselves. I believe they broke up after the bass player died. the guitarist played in paintbox as chelsea's replacement. Not 100% sure on this info though.