03 January 2011


All you shoelace on the forehead wearing CONFUSE listening Bristol '82 through a distortion box worshipping maniacs are about to get bummed...but you need your narrow parameters expanded anyhow, and I'm here to help. I'm always just here to help. This is the second installment from the collaboration that gave us SNUFF FILM last year - members of MIGRAINE and ECOLI joining forces and making a horrific ruckus (all members of both bands appear on both tapes). DELICACIES OF CONSUMING HUMAN FLESH veers more down an awkward and experimental path, and the result is something akin to a noisy free jazz version of MOHINDER without the blasting. I know that Noise Punk Mondays have been mostly dedicated to spikes and studs...but fukk man, this shit is noisy and punk, so why the hell should these normal dressing short hairs miss out on all the fun?


ido said...

This blog is sheer brilliance. Thank you so so much for all these amazing uploads.

The Boo said...

Normal dressing short hairs? Sounds like just my thing!