20 February 2010


Killer UK82 shits from Scotland's SOCIETY'S VICTIMS,  who apparently laid down these tracks and then called it a day.  Guitar leads are the highlight for me, especially the echo drenched wanks on "Army." After that first scorching track, things mellow out a bit, and the result is pretty standard UK anarcho fare, but that lead guitar is more than engaging enough to hold my interest.  Punk rules.


ALT-82 said...

Great post! especially those of the English stage 82. Thanks for the file, it is very hard to GET, had long sought some of this band but found nothing, I forget.

Thanks and regards.


matt said...

yep, its all about that solo

insults said...

are you in soulseek??

Henk said...

cool one indeed! only heard the english band with same name before


the wizard said...

henk>>>haven't heard the English Societys Victims...can you put some up?

insults>>>no I am not.

matt>>>you doubted me?

alt 82>>>thanks for the kinds words. sorry I make you endure so much non UK82 shits. hopefully it just makes it that much sweeter when I post a gem, right?

Henk said...

sure! will put it up a.s.a.p. for you

wullie p said...

hullo...i was the singer in societys victims
we did do a few more gigs after this demo but got caught up in the miners strike and just drifted away from each other

thanks for the kind words

never heard of an english societys victims...we took the name from a discharge song...believe there is an american one tho

all the best wullie p