03 February 2010


Fukkn BLUE PATROL!! The perfect cure for those "I don't have enough lo-fi super catchy but still totally shitty early 80s UK punk to make it through my Wednesday!!" blues.  I know those blues well, and I am here to help. BLUE PATROL graced us with this rager back in 1982(?) on the Pig Tapes label (my guess is that this was their one and only release), and then seemingly dropped off the planet.  But if you are going to leave only one tape as the sole document of your existence, I suppose it should be a piece of pure quality featuring superb bass lines and a solid punk-as-fuck vocal attack with a guitar that sounds like it was dragged through the sewer and pelted with stones before plugging into a homemade distortion box and drinking liters of cheap cider (say...White Ace or some equally horrid equivalent?).  Yeah, that's the kind of legacy that's well worth leaving.

The inside of the tape cover with band info and song titles is all hand written (as in individually written on each copy, as opposed to hand written and then photocopied), and they were nice enough to offer replacement tapes to anyone who got tapes that were poorly recorded "within reason." In addition, there was this:
Rather entertaining, as it is written on the tape itself.  So obviously anyone who could read the statement already knew how to "get hold of a copy" because they already had one because how else would they be able to how to "obtain"? Ahhhh, the punx!


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the wizard said...

as always..I am here to help.

Henk said...

cool, never heard this one before.


MRMAGOOMC4 said...

there was plymouth band called blue patrol i know the guitarist of said band i saw them play once in some dive down union street supporting the subhumans in 82 or 83