09 February 2010


PIG HEART TRANSPLANT is the brain child of the guitar half of Seattle duo IRON LUNG, and he creates his noise ensembles using whatever material and personnel is available at the time.  This cassette was recorded in Seattle and Portland in 2007 and features some of PHT's harshest work I've heard; aurally offensive and seemingly without purpose...total noise.  16 tracks blast and whirr by in under ten minutes, and since it would have been nearly impossible to correctly isolate the tracks, the song titles are below, edit as you like.

Side A:
1. Soap Scum
2. Pissed Happy Troglodyte
3. Here Comes The Mind Numbing Labor
4. Throbbing Headache
5. Roughage
6. Kill Your Seed
7. He Forced My Hand
8. Deep Throat Pork Chop
9. Urinal Cake

Side B:
1. Turd On The Floor
2. Your Showbiz Teeth II
3. Doing It Again In The Land Of Noise Tapes And Honey
4. Whitesnakehouse
5. To The Quiet Date Rapist
6. Highway Trust Fund Star

PHT reached staggering heights in 2009 with the release of the Hope You Enjoy Heaven LP and the Public Humiliation live collaboration with IRON LUNG and WALLS, but there is something pure about the earlier recordings...pure anger, pure carnage, and indeed Pure Filth.



hey you wouldn't happen to have any of the anti state control demos

Vincent.Price said...

Lovely stuff! thank you