18 February 2010


This band makes me want beer, and you know that they have a LOT of it. Thrashing basement punks from Chicago bash out eight songs wrapped in hate and ambivalence with an urgency so intense that they couldn't even wait to get a bass player, and in a rare moment of luck, their lack of low end helps this shit sounds more intense.  With songs like "Padded Cell," "My Brain," "Solanium Suicide" and "Go Blank," you know there is a heap of frustration packed into these tracks. Here's the band, and here's the demo:


kJw said...

I saw this band at a fest i played in St Louis. FUCKING GREAT. Blew me totally way. I have this tape right next to me too!

School Jerks said...

Culo + School Jerks (Toronto) are doing an 8 day California tour from Feb. 18th - 26th. Dates are at: www.myspace.com/schooljerks

Thanks for doing such a rad blog