12 February 2010


Fuck me if this isn't one of the best comp titles ever, and don't think for a moment that these Germans wasted a great title like this on a mediocre comp...oh hell no.  This thing rips from start to finish, 60 minutes of killer mid 80s hardcore from West Germany, Holland and Scandinavia.  INFERNO, RAZZIA, ANTI CIMEX, DESTRUCKTIONS, RATTUS, NUCLEAR, NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES, PANDEMONIUM and in case you aren't already convinced, then how about two tracks from J.R.'S MOTHERFUCKERS & THE HOLY GHOST that will make you wonder if FLIPPER relocated to Europe in 1984 and started demolishing the punks' idea of what music should sound like.  Sound quality here is pretty much all great, with the the possible exception of the live NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES tracks, but the live sound breathes unbelievable life into the NUCLEAR tracks, and the raw crust on this comp (RATTUS, ANTI CIMEX, DESTRUCKTIONS...maybe not crust but you know what I'm getting at, right?) sounds so good it made my skin crawl.  I suppose it could have been the scabies, but not likely...it was probably the guitars.  Another Friday comp tape..I need to put up a stinker next week, because after the Finnish comp last Friday, I don't want you kids getting to accustomed to this level of quality.

I believe that the INFERNO tracks are from the demo I've got floating around somewhere (I should find that thing and share, it's REALLY fucking good), who knows where the NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES and NUCLEAR live tracks are from, and while I've seen these CIMEX and RATTUS tracks before, I just can't recall where and they might be different versions.  Good thing for me I far prefer rock to research...that way I allow myself way more time to rock!

And for those of you who speak Deutsch, feel free to peruse the liner notes while the rest of us pound our fists into the air.



sorry to hear about your knee i just wanted to know if you could copy acs demo on tape for me when your able .i hope you have speedy recovery.i'm might need to get knee surgery in a few years my self me knee sound like a bag of rocks when bend it well thats it for now cheers.

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Toxik Boys said...

my favorite tapes are the V/As like this, that were only in the 80s.

Toxik Boys said...

Mr. Wizard, maybe you can help me. Years ago I wanted to hear a tape called "Extreme Noise Vol.1" I think it dates from 1987 but im not really sure. If you have it, can you post it please :D

the wizard said...

thx for the advice gabe.

toxik boys>>>the name rings a bell, I'll search The Escape archives when I'm able to get around. I am a huge fan (obviously) of the 80s comp tapes as well, thanks for the cooment.

matt said...

bad-asssss. i'm gonna make me a copy to listen to while i deliver pizzas