27 February 2010


Girl power hardcore from Brooklyn, CARNAL KNOWLEDGE come off as the gender flipped equivalent of last week's CULO post.  CK deliver their vocals with the same intensity, and the music has the same awkward but furious power, but instead of songs about getting wasted, CARNAL KNOWLEDGE offer "Call Me Bitch, Meet My Fist." This is completely in your face and insistent hardcore that nods liberally to the good shit that happened in the 90s, both style and content, and I endorse it fully. The demo ends with the killer track "Why," and if this slightly more mature song is any indication of what these girls had in store for the future, then shit would have been amazing, but methinks they are finished.


Morgan said...

Carnal Knowledge were great! Quick note, cause I'm a dork-- they were from Brooklyn, NY, not Boston. Thanks for posting this!

the wizard said...

Duly noted (and corrected). I wish I'd been around to have seen them rip it up live.

the wizard said...

in an interesting development, it turns out that I currently play in a band (OPT OUT) with the guitarist of CARNAL KNOWLEDGE. I knew she had lived in Brooklyn, so I asked her about CK this week at practice. she thought I was making a joke. good thing I liked it already, that could have been embarrassing.