19 February 2010


This will be the most exhausting 20 minutes of your entire fucking day, unless you plan to exercise or something stupid like that.  As the title suggests, this is a three band split tape from the island of Borneo.  Borneo is made up of four territories, two Malaysian, one Indonesian, and one tiny ass country called Brunei. These three bands all come from Malaysian Sabah and they all fucking rage.  MURDEREDXBYXYOU are raw grinding crust with shrieked vocals, brutal MATI KATAK are my faves on this tape with their occasional 90s rhythms and and out of time, screamed to oblivion vocal attack.  KILL OUR LEADER  are crushing grind/powerviolence that is not too far removed from the heavyweights of the genre. This tape is a three band, 21 song ass whooping that clocks in at just over 19 minutes, which means that by the time you finish your coffee, you will have likely decided that your job is fucking stupid.

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