22 February 2010


A couple of weeks ago while I was laid up after surgery, our friend Jon was visiting from the east coast and dropped this gem off on the bedside table for me.  I thanked him because something that looks this ridiculous and comes from New Jersey circa 1985 is probably going to be a pretty good listen, but I had no idea what I was in for.  Off the charts in the "off the wall" category, THE SIX AND VIOLENCE start their 40 minutes of nonsense with "Hamburger Hairdo" and then continue with "I've Got A Bomb And I Wanna Use It," "Bursting Bladder," "Death To Guidos" and a rager called "Fuck This" that sounds like it was recorded on cardboard boxes. This is goofball hardcore at it's finest here, there's just as much WEIRD AL in these songs as there is SACRED DENIAL, just as much ADRENALIN O.D. as CHRONIC SICK (actually, more ADRENALIN O.D., but I was trying to drop more Jersey references) but after one brief listen I was in love.  Jon, who gave me the tape, confirmed that the band members and their duties in the tape liner notes are indeed accurate...there was one dude who played drums, another who played the cymbals, and they were set up separately.  Jon swears he has seen the photos to prove this, and even so I am skeptical, though who can doubt the idiocy level of the folks who brought us "Fascist Ice Cream" back in 1985?  Certainly not me.


bobby said...

i didn't know you were having a surgery. hopefully you are feeling better, and hi there! thanks for the comment over on my neglected page, glad you dig the Womack. i didn't know about this page, gotta check out some of your interesting choices when i get home.

burn said...

Hehe I've got the vinyl version of this:
indeed pretty rousing stuff.

burn said...

and after checking the insert there indeed is one guy playing the drums and another playing the cymbals on all the live pictures.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! A girl threw this demo tape out of my car while we were listening to it about 20 yrs ago. Been searching for this demo since.

Lo-Res Viscera said...

Holy shit! I've been looking for this one for like a million years or something - THANKS.

gloom666 said...

These guys were actually from Queens NY.
The LP was on Fist Records(yeah...Warzone's first LP).
The LP features Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull doing spoken word, and two flute solo's. Pretty weird. The Drummer(Dave M)didn't use a bass drum back then... he instead used toms, and there was another guy doing just cymbals.
This stuff really reminds me of Ludichrist(Dave played in them as well).

Thanks for the post. I might upload the LP to my blog.


jpowelson77 said...

I have this original demo for sale if anybody is interested let me know

sampix said...

I can confirm it is all true. I would fill you in on the details, but I don't want to have to revisit those painful years I spent in San Francisco when I lived with Kurt and was subjected to their later recording sessions.

Great musicians, killer music and fantastic guys. You can find a compilation of all their recordings on "Bastards of the Universe" Well worth finding.