05 February 2010


It's been a couple of months since I've put up an old fashioned mix tape, so here's this Friday's various artist excursion: 60 minutes of stellar Finnish punk and hardcore.  I was never really drawn to the Finnish 80s stuff, the bands most often featured on the backs of the cool kids' jackets were typically too atonal and never quite grabbed me.  But fuck my life if I had heard this killer mix as a youngster...I would have been ruined for all other punk!!  TERVEET KADET start off with three ragers (it's kinda what they do...rage), then come solid beefy tracks from THE WIDOWS that are ultra catchy.  If you know Finnish punk you know LAMA, and their tunes are great for discovering, revisiting, or just simply drinking to, and then come STALIN (not the Japanese STALIN) whose vocals are out of this world...I mean the dude sounds like he is from Saturn and is very confused by all the things he sees here in this strange land of saunas (Finland, that is).  Side A wraps up with more TERVEET KADET (including the 13th song on the side, "Mull On Liian Lyhyt Sanky," and I challenge anyone to write a more blistering hardcore number, the shit is absolutely perfect) and a band called TYHJAT PATTERIT, about whom I know nothing except that they are great and punk...punker than me, probably punker than you, and they can put together one hell of a catchy chorus.  Side B is more of the same, and by "the same" I mean more awesomeness: more LAMA, two rippers from RATTUS, more WIDOWS ("The Famous Five" is an instant classic), even more LAMA, VANDAALIT and their twin guitar attack that should have made them famous, dirty punk from THE MEAN ONES and then the whole thing wraps up with rough as hell demo versions of two LAMA songs that appear in the middle of the second side.  Basically, unless you plan on listening to The Horse on repeat all day, then this is the Finnish hardcore that is going to get you through your day...though listening to The Horse about 20 times in a row would be pretty awesome.



Slobodan Burgher said...

It's been a few months since but for a lot of 2009 I did listen almost exclusively to the Horse...including 20-30 times in a row...Funny thing is band seems to think that record is one many people hated....

Bruno R. said...

Hi mate, for all interest in finnish punk rock, visit:
Regards from Brazil!!!

cacajols said...

excuse me but, what is "The Horse"?

the wizard said...

The Horse is a classic album by Terveet Kadet.

It is also a very funny movie.