18 October 2022



I ask the same question/s each time I think about this tape....what is it? where did it come from? More succinctly: What did it come from? UGGLESEDD land like a deconstructed project that was never constructed in the first place. Space synths, minimalist black metal monotony, drones upon drones upon drones, cavernous horror, and then "Saivo" on the flip - a thirty minute underwater experiment/al journey through and/or to (a)nother realm/s. I don't know what UGGLESEDD came from, or what became of UGGLESEDD, but I appreciate the mystery (almost) as much as I appreciate the sounds. 

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3i said...

Hello from France Wizzard, and thanks very much for this one. They apparently remixed the whole thing: https://ugglesedd.bandcamp.com/?fbclid=IwAR2vpLIxlBV9yOWMWBZy9rYRLfs2LVjAMVGGe6J8MTA4Vb_XEtcHc-6zQPA