07 October 2022



I've said it already and Im going to keep saying it as long as I keep feeling it: Comp Tapes Rule. Flush Productions from Richmond, California started cranking out a shitload of them in the late '80s (I am absolutely in the market for other volumes - please slide into my DMS) and really had things humming by Two-Fisted Tales, their seventeenth volume. We're talking way late decade shit here, so expect some pre/proto college rock and even some funky jams, but WORKING MOTHERS should have been a hit and more NAKED HIPPY tracks are always welcome in my life.  FORTHRIGHT, YOUNG LORDS, INFECT (holy shit on this one, for real), GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE and loads more. A solid hour of "who the fuck is this" followed by "why haven't I heard this before now?!" because, like I've said before: Comp Tapes Rule. 

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