14 October 2022



I remember hearing this demo and loving it. Then later that same day Kat and J were at practice talking about how fukkn good the KREMLIN tape was and then it seemed like the next morning every punk I knew was talking about KREMLIN. And for good reason - this tape is (almost) eight minutes ripped from a would-be Version Sound catalog, suitable for legendary EP status had it been release 30 years earlier. KREMLIN doesn't sound like a throwback, they sound timeless. It was North American hardcore punk of the highest fucking order...and then all of a sudden everyone was talking about some other band, and even when KREMLIN finally released records (one small one, one big one) I feel like folks didn't care like they did when the first tapes started buzzing around. In the big picture, consider this a critique of our criminally short New Reality Attention Span and our seeming inability to let things fester, develop or (sometimes) flame out on their own. In the smaller and more personal picture, it means you can scoop those records up for not very many dollars. But really, the point of all of these words is that this KREMLIN tape is an absolute motherfukkr. "Zero," "Abuse Asylum" and "Unscrewed" on repeat all day. 

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