30 October 2022



Maybe this is like looking so far through yesterday's post that you can see the an alternate realm where everything sounds different. Or maybe Huomiseen is just an example of a sonic mission realized, much like Spread Plague Hell before it. To say that the first full length from Tampere's KAUPUNGIN VALOT is infectious would be a supreme disservice to the recording - these are MARKED MEN and GENERACIÓN SUICIDA caliber hooks and you'll want to (or wish you could) sing along to every song. At once gloomy and pleasantly resigned, this is a band who know what they're doing and what they're trying to do...and there's no reason why you should feel uncomfortable moving from "Perverted Lunacy" straight into the dreamy "Tän Kadun Päässä" - because you (also) know exactly what you're doing and exactly what you want. 

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