20 August 2019


Raw and heavy rock 'n roll full of fire and dipped in fuzz. RED HORSE DRUNK PUNKS are from Virginia, but their sound is a study of past lives in The Philippines and classic burners sounds from all over the world. I hear Brasil's STRESS, there's some '70s Australian pub rock, early NYC trash, hell, "RHDP Way" even kinda reminds me of EBBA GRÖN a little bit....and the cover of the Juan de la Cruz band's "Beep Beep" is an unbelievably sick move. RHDP do the damn thing with such casual confidence....it feels like they were born to make these sounds. Because they were. 

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Anonymous said...

Hot damn, Virginia! Nice.
Thanks for keeping this wonderful labor of love going. You put a lot into this and it's always appreciated.