02 August 2019


You wanna make the argument that punk in 1982 had more swagger and more attitude than it does today? Or than it ever could again? Play Annoy Your Neighbor With This Tape! and the argument pretty much makes itself. Also more sketchy lyrics and subject matter (thanks, ROACH MOTEL, I always did think you were overrated and irrelevant), but that's a different discussion. Hardcore punk, general sonic weirdness, demented noise punk, minimal synth, no rules whatsoever, and all top absolute top quality. Was quite pleased to finally come across a copy of this comp (started looking based on the RUSSIAN MEATSQUATS connection), and was even more pleased to find that it's way better than I even hoped. The whole thing slams, but notable freaks include: ATTRITION, CRACKED ACTOR, ANGRY SAMOANS (bonus for the factory obscenity bleeps), SENSELESS HATE, SUBURBAN MENACE and SPIKE HAYTRED. Now I need to cop the OmiGod, Hardcore! tape, apparently the only other release from Chainsaw Tapes. 

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