03 August 2019


It's like the sound that's happening all around you as you live your life....if your life is a complete fucking nightmare. This 2018 offering from ANDREW NOLAN is a meditation on reality, a brooding realization that develops before your ears and inside your psyche over 29 excruciating minutes. It's at once peaceful and dreadful...but that's our existence if we're doing it right. Escaping the reality just long enough to be shocked by it. Heavy electronics meld with found sounds on Background Music - it should come as no surprise to the attentive amongst us that Nolan's offering delivers (INTENSIVE CARE, COLUMN OF HEAVEN, EBOLA, THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE, SHANK, WINDSCALE, SAWN OFF, DEATH AGONIES are among the skeletons in his closet), though I was impressed nonetheless with this release. Not for nothing, it also led me to the world of Absurd Exposition, which is a very dangerous world to visit...if these sounds suit you. 

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