16 August 2019


I shared my contribution last week. And when I returned home from a month traversing some of the lesser visited corners of the Great North American West with Karoline, my reward was waiting for me. I think I told the moderator that I liked "blackened crust" or something like that, but whatever I said totally worked because the tape I received is a perfect combination of filthy bangers that I already know (or own) and stuff that was new to me. If I were being overly critical, I would say that you don't really need to put HHIG on a tape curated for a group of nerds who are clearly already fans of the genre, but my mix tape style runs a little more off the beaten path, and cranking "Internally Bleeding" will always remind me of the first time I heard the track at volume just after passing the westbound toll gate on the Bay Bridge into SF 20something years ago. ATRAMENT, TEMPEST, HEXIS, SKITSYSYSTYEM, AGRIMONIA, NEGATIVE STANDARDS, MISANTHROPIC make up most of the first side, SYMPTOM, WORMWOOM, VORDE, UNRU, BÖLZER, BOTANIST, BUIOINGOLA on the flip. Listening highlights were remembering how much I like UNRU, the stupid fast eurocrust BÜTRON, and the ALUK TODOLO material that wraps up the first side. Signups for the August edition of the exchange open up today...rest assured I will participate. 

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Pourlefun said...

Interesting idea, I may look at getting involved. I see people are using both type 1 and 2 cassettes, and both 60 and 90 minutes lengths. The rules also permit any type of media source.