15 August 2019


A collection of killer live recordings released by ROIR in 1983 (related: check the ROIR mailorder catalog included in the insert, yowza!). It's funny how discordant funk gets classified as "no wave," and while that's often the case on Wild Things, it's the combination of sounds that truly makes BUSH TETRAS stand out - even/especially 35 years in the future. Repetitive drum and bass lay the foundation and the guitar just freaks the fuck out for essentially the entire set. Like a contemporary Roland S. Howard channelling spirits of a future past avant garde, guitarist Pat Place (ex-THE CONTORTIONS) seems to blast in and out of songs at will while the vocals land somewhere between Lydia Lunch and Siouxsie, intensity only slightly tempered with soul and honesty. Pretty much everything here is faster (and "punker") than the studio versions, most notably "Too Many Creeps," resulting in an infectiously spasmodic journey through an hour long no wave/post punk clinic. Rules aren't necessary...BUSH TETRAS make it clear that you just need to break them with confidence. 

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