23 August 2019


Another compilation of soul baring smoothness from the East Side Story series. There's a little more melancholy in this volume, especially with the power-combo of THE GALLAHADS "Lonely Guy" running right into ROSIE & THE ORIGINALS' tearjerker "Angel Baby" right out of the gate, setting the tone for a monster collection. "I Really Love You' (DEE DEE SHARP), "Together" (THE INTRUDERS), a little wet funk with "I Love You For All Season" (THE FUZZ), "Me And You" (BRENTON WOOD), plus the brilliant East Side formula that drops main stream standards in the middle of under-the-radar soul shakers. This time it's THE PENGUINS' "Earth Angel" and then RENE & RAY's "Queen Of My Heart" leading right into the full production swell of THE INTRUDER's "Together" - and they could have ended it there with no complaints, but hang your arm out the side window and feel the warm sun on your face while SAM & BILL belt out "For Your Love" and ROSIE & RON close this volume with "So Dearly." These comps can truly do no wrong, and vol.9 is perhaps the best yet.  

One of the vocalists on the SAM & BILL track really reminds me of Rio Grande Mud-era Billy Gibbons, which is obviously not a criticism. 

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