23 April 2019


I'm not going to bother introducing THE BODY, except to say that if you haven't already been introduced then I suggest that you do so immediately. I've seen them in various incarnations over the last 15+ years, starting with a warehouse in Milwaukee's Third Ward when my friend Brad suggested that I go see some of his pals from Rhode Island. From terrifying to beautiful, their sound fills the entire spectrum, and they have made a space where they seemingly have the freedom to let the sound itself drive the creative process as they continue to deconstruct preconceptions of music. 


OOPSY DŌ said...

You accidentally posted the Escape Is Terminal download link to this post (Hüsker Dü) ... not that I mind, though.

the wizard said...

WHOOPS. It happens, and I appreciate the heads up. Rectified. Onward.