17 April 2019


Y'all cool if I keep rolling on this Canada shit, right? Cool, let's roll. THE UNCOMMITTED is the brainchild of one of the SONS OF ISHMAEL dudes, and apparently he is a fukkn savant. Irreverent and uncompromising hardcore...fronted by a lap steel guitar. It works frighteningly well without ever sounding like a novelty, it just sounds weird. Weird is good, especially when weird also slays. Listen to "See? Aye...." - particularly the fukkn A it's the CIA chorus and you can kinda get the sense that these dudes are geniuses. Because they are. Nine songs in seven minutes, and Canadia marches on. 


Anonymous said...

A little off the subject, but do you remember a band called Gleaming The Cube ? Could have sworn they played with WxHxNx, but not sure. Fastcore band, can't remember where they were from ?

the wizard said...

Completely unrelated, haha. But I wanna say Colorado? SBA related perhaps...?