04 April 2019


It takes a while to get used to the speed. But, just like speed, once it settles in and you accept the fact that you're in for a ride, the nuances start to appear. The subtleties hidden in the cracks of an overpowering force - a force that holds you mercilessly in its grip, a force that will beat you into submission if you let it. A speed that wants to hide the riffs, a speed that wants to overshadow the tracks and the intent...even speed this blinding, even when it drops into blasts during "March Of The Doomed," speed this intense cannot stop STASIS. And when STASIS themselves create and ingest, as on 2014's Progress, your only recourse is to take a deep breath and find your footing, because they aren't stopping for anyone. It's so fukkn fast - ScandiCrust and apocalypse stench delivered with incomprehensible rage...the fury is appropriate, and the power is real. 

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