07 April 2019


I shared some magic from this Texas outfit a few years ago, and I dare say that this 2014 offering is even better. OK, so the ecodeathsludge demo was from 2014 too, but I'm talking about this one today. Tense and dense stoner sludge treated with disorientingly fierce electronics, HOLY MONEY land somewhere between WEEDEATER, GRIEF and BASTARD NOISE....yeah, high praise I know, but crank their cover of SIEGE's "Cold War" and tell me they don't deserve it? They do. Utter devastation that sounds terminally restrained, rarely have I delved into something this honest and bleak. And for what it's worth, the main riff in the title track reminds Karoline and me of "Havana Hard Time" from HICKEY's Gaia EP, which is just generally pretty awesome. 

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kingpossum said...

Big love for Pelican here too. Never a bad thing. Hearty thanks for the post.