30 April 2019


Jaw dropped the first time I heard this one - raw and intense '90s dual vocal anarcho-crust with insane guitars straight out of UK82. Unnecessary flange on the bass, jaw droppingly fast drums that kinda sound like cardboard, overbearing vocals (quintessential low/high '90s growl/snarls), blast beats that don't even make sense and ugh those guitars. Like MANKIND? recorded by BLACK FUNERAL, it's primitive, unhinged and so gloriously raw....it's also really fukkn good. Check the bass break that leads to the end of "La Conquista" and you're tasting fire////listen to "Victims, The Children" on max volume and you're straight burning. 

The whole thing is packaged in a DIY wraparound scavenged cardboard sleeve with the artwork glued to the front and back. Current professional bands could take a few notes. 

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Anonymous said...

This riiiiiiiiiiiips, wish I could dig up some more info or get a hold of a tape.