04 July 2017


Ramshackle jerky punk is one thing...but what if it's channeled through three Turkish women and it was recorded in 1991? Exactly. I'm not at all sure how this tape has flown under my personal radar for so long, but when I popped this tape in a few weeks ago it was as if someone had turned on all the lights. I initially assumed it was a ruse - some third generation "dubbed" copy of a "lost" demo from some feminist Turks - but holy hell this thing actually exists and how has it escaped everyone I know for this entire punk existence? I mean, if Golnar and Grace and Layla are all in the dark I suppose I can be excused...but still. Novelty numbers like "Fuck Acid" sit alongside legit bangers like "Anticipation" and true freak punk missives like "Shit In The World"...I want to know the shit world in which this exists in real time. 

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