27 July 2017


A few months ago there was a fest thing in Oakland called Manic Relapse and a bunch of good bands played. I don't like to pick favorites, and seeing PISSCHRIST in a dirt floor basement at 3am is hard to top....but fukk me is Mexico's CRIMEN wasn't the single best set I saw all weekend (then again...TOZCOS in the backyard....why should I have to choose?!). By defying conventional '00s crucial mores and writing the tracks they want to write, this trio takes simple and makes it perfect by making it their own. "Traicíon" is the best song that you will hear today. Period. 

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kingpossum said...

The Wizard is not wrong about the best song you will hear today. The intro to opener "El Enemigo Soy Yo Parte Dos" is close on its heels to these ears. A 10/10 burner here. Much thanks for the post.