22 July 2017


Very much from the OBSERVERS and NEON PISS school of hopelessly infectious punk and sinks into your very soul and turns you into a freak for sing along punk before you even realize that you are wearing a D-CLONE shirt and singing along is not cool. I dunno, man....this stuff just rules me. 

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Anonymous said...

aaahh, refreshing. by far german punk has albways been a favorite "genre" of mine. Hammerhead first,of course.
completly unrelated,but since i'm a long fan of your blog here's my band
https://egocide01.bandcamp.com/ < hardcore/thrash/crust with heavy elements,taking cues from CROW,SLAYER,SLANG,MUSHMOUTH etc. Feel free to download it and Have fun :)
ps - That Raid demo was precious. appreciated!!