17 July 2017


Man, I can describe this beast, but there's no way I can do it justice. I mean....a short collection of UK punk covers - who needs that, right? Well...you do, punk. You need this. Hard driving primal versions of SUBHUMANS, ENGLISH DOGS, VICE SQUAD, GBH and THE EJECTED tracks, delivered with paper bag distortion guitars and viciously hollow vocals. It's such a simple proposition, and one that I am inclined to accept. 

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Blacktooth said...

Holy shit, this one is sooooo much fun. Can't hate on these kids for bringing new life to these old bangers with real energy and some serious power. Up the distortion, up the speed, fuck the vocals up with raw pissed energy. And everyone is right on time!!! Tight performances all around. How can you loose? Thanks for the post!!!