02 July 2017


I am currently on a short tour with my band STERILE MIND, tonight we play in Ventura, California. A free show at what looks to be a dive bar that doesn't like punk....so full circle. The lead up to this little five day mini-jaunt was fraught with missteps and failures and fall throughs and a comedy of errors that brought to mind my earliest days touring. And you know....I have to admit that I kinda liked it. So here's to a Sunday in Ventura, perhaps winning over a few townies, and maybe even connecting with a handful of punks who had previously never known that we existed. 

We booked this tour as MULTIPLE CHOICE in the spring of 1995, but then changed our name to FUCKFACE after we got a drummer through a newspaper classified ad about two weeks before we left. We started booking these nine weeks pretty much as soon as we got home from the previous nine week disaster, because we really hated money I guess. Or perhaps because we really loved playing shows, no matter the cost or reward. It's good stuff. It's the stuff that keeps us going. Enjoy my cringe-worthy backing vocals....

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mat 13 said...

this is actually pretty cool, thanx!