12 July 2017


Parallel scenes, man. These rippers are based less than an hour south from me, and I've never seen them in the flesh. If this tape (their second of four releases over an 18 month period) is any indication, then I need to rectify that issue as soon as possible. Blistering grind/crust with trebly black metal guitars lurking in the shadows of the mix, and then they slow shit down and it gets downright deadly and/or dystopian (intentional double entendre). Full throated and full throttle even when they scale things back, San Jose's DISVEIN take the bleak and melodic elements of European crust and present it with the relentless intensity of '90s US DIY hc/crust...and then they fukkn blast and it's like game over. 


Circle of Hell said...

My old band booked a show for and played with them about 2 years ago, they played fuckin' nuts at the 5 star bar in LA. Dude was rubbing his bass strings on that low stage ceiling, pretty intense.

Unknown said...

I remember that show. Also it was more of the guitar player going nuts. I always had to make sure I kept in time with the drummer. Too bad it had to end. Listen to and download every release on disvein.bandcamp.com