07 July 2017


A few weeks ago REDACTED (ex-PLUTOCRACY, DEADBODIESEVERYWHERE, IMMORTAL FATE, KALMEX AND THE RIFFMERCHANTS and countless others) played a show at a townie bar in Redwood City. For readers familiar with West Bay Dankstahz, Doomryderz and the associated scenes....you know that this is a thing. And the chance to see this thing in its natural element was tough to resist. So that day at noon I saw SAY BOK GWAI and VOCO play above a garage on a gloriously sunny tree lined street in the Mission, then NO STATIK played in Oakland a few hours later, and then I dragged the wife down to the Peninsula to see some fukkn madness. The promise of madness, face melting grind and a relentless barrage of riffs had my mental Hope Bar set high....but I had no idea. Bar fights. Bar stools. WHITE ZOMBIE (and yeah, dear readers, I had more than a Tabasco Incident flashbacks - if you know then you just know, and if you don't then just read on). A gun. A mic stand. So many riffs. A shoe to the neck. It was everything I could have wanted....and REDACTED fukkn destroyed. Of course they did. 

There was a DJ that night....his name was DJ EONS. He didn't play crucial power violence/grind rarities...because that would have gotten old real quick. He didn't play rap....because that's what everyone would have expected him to do. Instead, that fool filled every between band DJ set with infectious hard rock and heavy funk jams, and he made a mix tape while he was pulling records for the show. Not a "here's some tunes" kind of mix tape, but top notch DJ shit with songs mixed together and occasional effects and beats mixed over existing tracks (this theme seems to pick up on the second side - and I hope it's because dude was partying while he mixed). Everything from MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND to EUGENE McDANIELS to SCORPIONS is represented here, and the presentation is worthy of aspiration. Get down, young punk....get fukkn down.

A quick double shot without the lengthy back story. Similar to the tape DJ EONS made for the aforementioned REDACTED gig in Redwood City, he made a mix CD (yeah...I know) for the What We Like weekend in Seattle this past April. Mostly his own remixes and beats and manipulations and tracks he contributed to, a collection only available at the show. I recommend getting down here too. 


kingpossum said...

Cool. Slow this down and add a few more psychedelics and it's damn close to mid-90s Memphis underground stuff. Great post, thanks.

Loathsome said...

Great post dude, i'm fan of Eons and Doomryderz in general.
I read your blog since the beginning, one of the few good ones that's left.
Keep the good posts up!!

Randy Z said...

thanks for sharing , btw If someone here is interested in making music can share this resource