01 July 2017


Dubbed copy of a classic (to some) record from my past....I know I owned the Wanghead version at some point in the '90s (purchased because NINE POUND HAMMER was on the same label), though this tape appears to have the tracks from the Vinyl Drip UK press from the following year. Irreverent garage/noise rock clashing with punk attitude in a way that was the norm (well, a norm) at the time but would surely be frowned upon now. Listen to the trance inducing drums in "A Boy And His Gun" setting the scene for the barked vocals and dissonant guitar wailings...it's like CRAMPS deconstructed. This band didn't do much (just two LPs from what I can discern), but this platter is a (still) brilliant time and place marker, and fans of BOSS HOG, GORIES, MORPHINE, JON SPENCER and the like will enjoy this look over your shoulder if you missed this Detroit trash outfit the first time around. 

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