03 October 2013


I've posted tapes from THE CORPSE in the past, but everyone can use a little refresher on occasion...and these tracks are far and away my favorite from the band (at least this week). A few tracks appeared on 1984's split with MOSKWA, but by the 1988 release of Skazani Na Ból! their assault had become faster, more precise, without losing one shred of the raw intensity that sets them apart from throngs of late '80s hardcore/thrash.  The chops are undeniable (combine the most essential moments of Eastern European punk, US crossover and Japanese hardcore), but the fire with which THE CORPSE deliver their fury transcends genres. This is absolutely mandatory listening. If you don't know, then it's time to learn.


Anonymous said...

for some reasons it doesnt extract the files, can you reup this one?

Kuken said...

Gonna start my own Tape blog because of your splendid work here! Enjoyed this, so thanks! Also i got a request of a repost on Generic - join The Conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

hey robert, the link doesn't work indeed! it doesn't exact the songs properly! any idea what's goin on?


the wizard said...

Re-upped onto the new host, hopefully with better results. Your patience is appreciated, and I assure you it will be rewarded when you blast "Czas Apokalipsy."

robert74 said...

finally works! thank you and best regards!