17 October 2013


This is arguably my favorite release from the Nostilevo family. Mesmerizing goth/industrial sounds from an obvious punk background....'Lucy" is a JOY DIVISION dirge fronted by a born male Siouxsie while the tape's opening track, "Keep Those Stones Up Boys," features a terrifyingly confident frontman belting out arguably pretentious missives over droning, reverb drenched, melancholic guitars dragging a drum machine through the misty night. The closer falls in line with the opener, "Anchorites Of The Night" is slightly more upbeat (but still dreary as all hell) while "Hell Fuck" embarks on a goth tinged industrial punk journey the likes of which you have never heard. The pace is frustrating throughout, and the effect is certainly intentional. The result is that I need more, because this is perfect.

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