22 October 2013


Hardcore in the finest tradition - monster mosh breakdowns, furious vocals, a few "fuck you" choruses (even a "Don't Give A Fuck!" for good measure), rapid fire USHC built for showing off your pit style. It's stripped down to the bare essentials, and delivered with great success. "Get Extinct" is damn near perfect.

Last chance Bay Area: FLIPOUT A.A, CONQUEST FOR DEATH, PIG DNA, VENKMAN at The Knockout tonight. Southern California, we are coming for you next.


Anonymous said...

Tarpit were so great. VBHC!

yellow.eyes said...

Haven't listened to this yet, but they're using the same cover as Infest's demo (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-uzVwBUZ2lgk/T1a5pyCDy9I/AAAAAAAAAOI/RsM-aCLWbnE/s1600/INFEST-demo-front.jpg)