12 October 2013


Abrasive and antagonistic crusty (but bizarrely technical) Polish hardcore from the mid '90s. Kinda like the chaotic Per Koro shit that kicked us all in the ass back in "those days" (how many can speak at length about the first time we heard Two Hours To Doom?) but with a crazy infectious bent. BOMBA W TORCIE punches you in the brain, something that so much current hardcore seems to have forgotten how to do.


Patron said...

hello! let's change links - http://anti-muzic.blogspot.ru/

robert74 said...

They are called bomb in the cake or BOMBA W TORCIE

the wizard said...

Not one of my better reading and transcribing moments...thanks for the correction, Robert

mr.Step'77 said...

Hi (from polish punk)!

One, little correction - it's not "Bomba w torche" but "Bomba w torcie" (it means: "bomb in [birthday's] cake ").
Anyway, it's nice to know, thas somone out of Poland knows this band.

Stay punk!