16 October 2013


Early Filipino hardcore has an indescribable energy. I confess that I have heard very little, but every time I come across a release from Twisted Red Cross I get excited all over again and typically lost myself in an internet hole for a few hours. INTOXICATION OF VIOLENCE is no different, and this might be my personal favorite '80s Philippine punk artifact. Raw and hopelessly infectious, I.O.V. have the vibe that thousands of bands have been trying to recreate and manufacture for two decades...it's just real.  Closer to hardcore or thrash than contemporary labelmates like G.I. & THE IDIOTS or DEAD ENDS, the parts of this tape that aren't insanely addictive ("Stop Being An Ass," "Lebanese Child" are absolutely raging ("Demoralized Ideas," "Snap Election," "Gorbachev Attack"). This is a scene often overlooked and well worth your time, so start here and then go here and get stuck in your own internet rabbit hole...after you listen to Another Destructive Century

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