20 October 2013


I've known Devon for a long time, and he is at least indirectly responsible for almost all of the international touring I have done. And full four years before I started playing in my first band, this is what Devon was doing: BOO!HISS!PFFFT! (WH DON'T WE THROW SOME TOMATOES AT THOSE GUYS?) are perfect for the mutant miscreant, bedroom fourtrack idiocy assisted by some legitimately brilliant concepts and riffs - though admittedly those fleeting moments of brilliance are typically masked by the adolescent lack of anything approaching a quality control filter. BOO!HISS!PFFFT! are SOCKEYE caliber weird, with inside jokes and inanities peppering both of these demos (oh yeah, there are two of them....you win). 1987's self titled Boo!Hiss!Pffft! (Why Don't We Throw Some Tomatoes At Those Guys?)  features  "Cosmic Vomit," "Wanking Stupidity," "Old MacDonald Bought The Farm" and a questionable cover of "Stayin' Alive," while the follow up, 1989's Drink My Wee Wee opens with the avant/no wave stream of consciousness dirge "Silliness Kills" and continues with "The Sad And Boring Life Of Patty Toenail," "Flowers Are Nice," "Thinking Of You (No, Really)" and "Stayin' Alive (remixed for enhanced torture)" this time with keyboards. The second demo is more uh...polished but no less ridiculous (and for the purists, they changed their name on the Drink My Wee Wee, becoming BOO!HISS!THLBPT! (WHY DON'T WE THROW SOME TOMATOES AT THOSE GUYS?). Almost two hours of juvenile humor masked quite successfully as "punk," we should all be so lucky to have our musical legacy start with something that holds up so well (I means, I am a grown ass man and I still laughed my ass off).

Devon's current band is CONQUEST FOR DEATH. And tonight they will play at The Colony in Sacramento with FLIPOUTA.A, RAT DAMAGE and RAD. It will be very fun.

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