28 October 2013


I have tried to figure out which scene SEKA belongs in, but your guess is as good as mine (unless of course you have actual information). I'm not even going to give you any teasers, except to say that listening to this 1989 demo in 2013, I get the impression that I would have really liked it in 1989.


Wajlemac said...

Seka were one of those bands (like Sam Black Church and Maelstrom) that Taang would sign that people outside of Boston would question what scene they fell into, but Bostonians seemed not to question. I like the demo better than their debut LP. Their porn star namesake sued the band to change their name [to something unmemorable]. The drummer currently sings for Godsmack.

Anonymous said...

Seka released this casette, one LP as Seka, and one as Strip Mind (What's That In Your Mouth). Sadly Strip Mind was not as good as the earlier material. There were two drummers, and the one in Strip Mind is the one in Godsmack.