08 October 2013


You should all be familiar with MUTANT VIDEO by now, either from this fine blog or your own impeccable taste in sound, and the two tracks on their side of this cassette will certainly not disappoint you. The synths in "Different Universe" assault with painstaking simplicity while beats methodically lure you towards the mournful pounds of a lone stringed instrument...a space age death march you can witness only with your ears. "Less Future" follows with a terrifyingly subdued drone interrupted by desperate clicks and minute swells from keyboards that have already resigned. All MUTANT VIDEO works are excellent, but they have absolutely outdone themselves on this release. Not to be outdone, the HOUNDED WOUNDS track on the flip is superb. A nine minute crescendo that starts with distant CLOCK DVA styled electronic sounds, enters into sinister late '80s industrial/dance for a few minutes and then spends the final three minutes pummeling the listener with hideous white noise flowing in waves and leaving me as helpless as the terrified electronic screams that soar over the top of the madness. It's hard to decide whether this leaves me hungry or just simply dumbfounded.

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