10 October 2013


UK punk with a serious '80 DC bent, IMMOLATO TOMATOES manage to escape a slagging by the skin of their teeth. The vocals are a touch whiny and the recording kinda blows, but there's a charm to rudimentary hardcore punk delivered with an enthusiasm unhindered by cool points and the internet. And "Sometimes I Feel" shines well brighter than any technical insufficiencies, think GRAY MATTER as teenagers. Pretty sure these tracks come from their second demo in 1988, but I could be wring.

Note: Trouble with OpenDrive (unreadable zips, difficulty uploading, files labeled "private" for no apparent reason) has forced me to switch file hosts (again). I'm keeping my OpenDrive account open as long at it at least reasonably serviceable. And while I will try to get to requests for older posts, my focus will continue to be daily uploads, so it might take a some time...
Feedback appreciated.

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evilbuttmunkeh said...

been looking for stuff by these guys for ages, some of them went on to be in Sleep (not the stoner rock band) who released a great 7" and album around 1990-91. The 7" was constantly on my turntable back then.