01 May 2011


Raucous and feisty garage punks from New York City (and the name is pronounced "Die-Pers," just like the Portland band whose logo they are borrowing, but with a 'D' on the front end) deliver four tunes that are as full of don't-give-a-fuck juice as they are with killer riffs and punk songwriting sensibilities. After a couple of passively solicited cassettes received through the mail (passively in the sense that I didn't ask, and solicited in the sense that I always want more tapes) and enjoyed while drinking, I had the pleasure of meeting The Head Diper in Brooklyn at the OPT OUT show - he was appropriately awkward and properly enthusiastic and not even remotely cool (at least not intentionally)...which of course made him just about the coolest dude in the room.  These songs don't care if you like them, but you nothing short of a fool if you don't recognize the casual genius contained in these seven minutes - it's like SOCKEYE took the time to write the great raw hardcore record we always knew they had in them, but without sacrificing any of their wit. Get ready for "Dog Mosh."

Eat The Life: here
DIPERS: here


Psota said...

Dog Mosh!

Anonymous said...

This is flat-out awesome. I'd been meaning to check these guys out, so thanks. "Light My Farts" made me laugh like a 13-year-old; one is never too old to laugh about flaming farts, I guess.
I downloaded this, the Lefty Loosie tape, and the Wessex '81 comp one after another today, and they're all pretty kick-ass.