27 May 2011


Here's the cassette version of Vogelspin's crucial Holland hardcore comp from 1983 (minus a few tracks, because the label folks made their LP compilation too long to fit on a C60). It's easy to call things essential when they are really good, but seriously: this comp is essential for fans of hardcore punk. HAEMORRHOIDS are breakneck proto-thrash, B.G.K. are well documented, as are AMSTERDAMNED and PANDEMONIUM. Brilliant and fiery female fronted punk from LAST FEW, mile a minute insanity from OUTLAWZ and it sounds like ZMIV listened to MÖTORHEAD, G.I.S.M. and DISCHARGE before honing their attack. This is perfect as it is, but the compiler(s) didn't stop with one side, instead they crammed two more superb Dutch releases on the flip: the Hatelijke Groenten EP from 1982 and THE LULLABIES Single Single EP from 1981. The comp features THE JETSET (rampaging and unhinged hardcore that would have been welcomed on the A side of this tape), two goth punk sounding numbers from MASSAGRAF, the primitive and psychotic synth punk of VACUÜM, and four art/punk jams from FARENHEIT 451 that could have come from an early Rough Trade comp. And then THE LULLABIES single, even after all this brilliance, still manages to take my breath away. Can you imagine Dutch punk that feels like early Aussie bands like THE SCIENTISTS or BODYSNATCHERS or perhaps Kiwi punks THIS SPORTING LIFE? As comparisons go, it's a stretch, but I feel like I'm listening to a lost Australian punk single when I hear these songs, and this EP has just shot to the top of my want list. Someone clearly knew exactly what to do with a Dynamic brand C60, and we are reaping the benefits nearly three decades later - enjoying your Friday will be a little easier after blasting "Fashion Punx" and "Victims Of Society," trust me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of this. This is the perfect soundtrack when one is up till dawn drinking bourbon. It's probably pretty cool in the afternoon while sober, too, but I'm just guessing when I say that. I'll test that hypothesis tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Link is dead, please upload again!

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