17 May 2011


Not to be confused with the also excellent Canadian band of the same name, West Midlands' SUBTERFUGE existed just long enough to grace us with two blistering demos filled with gruff vocals and killer UK82 meets Oi! punk fukkn rock. Both demos are included in this download, but I recommend you start with Woolshag's Last Round, if only because the version of "Cars Don't Cry" is worthy of any KBD geek's eternal devotion. Even if you are too cool for all of the other songs on this tape (or on this blog, for that matter), "Cars Don't Cry" is a legitimate unearthed classic UK punk tune. That demo, their second, came only a few months after the first, but is far advanced in both songwriting and recording - would have made a ripping and sought after EP. The Good Beer Guide demo, from earlier in 1983, features a rougher recording and more unhinged approach to the songs (the first tune, "Stand Up" is a total street punk anthem) - every bit as awesome as the later recording, but appealing to a different part of my brain. I especially like the vocals on this first demo (though I cannot shake the SOCKEYE comparison that jumped into my mind the first time I heard the vocals - it doesn't make any sense, but I can't make it go away, so I feel like I should share). I tacked a few rough quality live songs onto that demo, and an excellent set (also from 1983) is included as well. The live set is great, but I think I am most entertained by the audience who appears to not even give half a shit that there is a band playing. SUBTERFUGE were writing songs that deserve serious credit in the halls of punk history, but I think that, aside from their short reign and limited output, the vocals probably turned off most punks - catchy uptempo songs with an abrasive singer that tries to inject melody into songs that don't need them. A minor criticism, as you are about to be treated to an hour of brilliant UK punk.



Henk said...

Awesome thanks! only had their first demo.

matt said...

cool! there's also a great subterfuge from vegas who did a rad lp on mystic.

living in the 80s said...

thank you very much! :)