13 May 2011


This 1982 comp was slapped onto the flip side of a hometaped copy of THE EX's History Is What's Happening cassette, and I couldn't be happier. Featuring a few tracks from each of seven barely known Belgian bands, the comp shifts from brilliant UK82 style chaos punk (the opening track from VORTEX is one of the punkest songs I've heard) to slightly more anarcho sounding bands like O-VEUX and ANARCHISTS ON DOPE. The female vocals in TYPHUS are addictive, as is their mid-tempo melody, a characteristic they share with NUITS ST. GEORGES and UNDERDOGS (though the latter is more feriocious). And in case the band name intrigues you, SEXY BOLLOCKS are every bit as punk as their moniker implies. There are a few tracks from the original that didn't make it onto my copy (this is on one side of a C90), but the thoughtful tapemaker added a few Dutch acts to the end of THE EX record, so today you get bonus tracks from SVÄTSOX, DE GROETEN and the recently reissued RONDOS...sometimes you win, whether you deserve it or not.



punkest song ya ever heard? sold with song one.


Stuart said...

Great tape. That's not Rondos at the end, though.

Also, the song "Kapot" by Anarchists on Dope here is a version of the song "Alles Moet Kapot" by De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, who have a 7". Anyone know if they're the same band?

the wizard said...

Thanks for the correction(s), Stuart. All of this stuff was new to me, and though it didn't sound like Rondos, it's what was listed so I went with it. I need a research department - you interested?

madmohawk said...

Anarchists on dope and the Jeugd van tegenwoordig (youth of today)are the same band and together with the Underdogs we're they a part of the Bruges (Brugge) late 70's/early 80's punk scene (Rebel, Bungalows, Sperm, No fun, No debt, Sponky business,...)De jeugd van tegenwoordig released a 3 track 7" in 1983,Underdogs have 2 trx on the "no big business" comp lp from 1981, Sexy Bollocks released a 7" in late 1982/ early 1983 on the punk etc. label,O-veux released a couple of 7"/12" and Vortex released a split lp (w. No debt) and 2 lp's in the 80's and have trax on various comp. lp's and tapes. Vortex are the only band who still exist.

Anonymous said...

Belgian punx get in touch: