05 May 2011


I saw a thing on a flyer that described JOINT DAMAGE as somewhere between DEATHSIDE and DEAD BOYS. I think that description is foolish and inaccurate, but I also think that it gives you a good indication of how you will feel after you listen to these five tunes. FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS meets DEAD AND GONE might be closer to the comparison that I would use, but band comparisons like this are rather trite, so I would serve you (the follower) better if I just told you that I think JOINT DAMAGE fukkn rule hard and sound creepy and garage-y but not even remotely pretentious (a common but unfortunate side effect with many bands tagged with the "garage" label), and that I think you should listen to this band. If comparisons aren't your thing, and "members of" tags are what get your juices flowing, then JOINT DAMAGE has member(s) of LOGIC PROBLEM and BRAIN FLANNEL. But "members of" comparisons should hold about as much weight as "this sounds like" tags (which is to say: very little weight) and you should really just get on board with "JOINT DAMAGE rules." Isn't that endorsement enough? 

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